Looping (2017)

Performance, 08:00 min, Arebyte Gallery, London, 2017‎ | Part of There is an Ocean on the Moon, a night of performance
curator - Ezra Jude

| The performance piece has two main layers. Firstly, a creature – performed by five men of different heights, wearing a satin fabric costume, and naked underneath – is trying to move as a unit, oddly circling the gallery space. A bored sun is moving a big yellow Pilates' ball, illustrating sunset and sunrise movements. From time to time, the sun gets bored with the routine of the universe, while the creature is struggling to keep on moving.
Secondly, lies the meta-layer: the entire performance serves as a real-time video production. As the director, I intermittently intervene, perplexing the audience, rearranging the performers, and orchestrating repeated scenes. This deliberate repetition allows me to gather ample footage, ultimately shaping the final production |

Photos by: Paul Chapellier

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