Sexy Creature and a Bored Sun

Sexy Creature and a Bored Sun, performance, 08:00 min, Arebyte Gallery, London, 2017‎ | Part of There is an Ocean on the Moon, a night of performance curated by Ezra Jude

The performance piece has two main layers. ‎Firstly, a creature – performed by five men of ‎different ‎height, wearing a sexy satin fabric ‎costume, and naked underneath – is trying ‎to move as a ‎unit, oddly circling the gallery ‎space. A feminine bored sun is moving a ‎big yellow Pilates' ball, ‎illustrating sunset ‎and sunrise movements. From time to time, ‎the sun gets bored from the ‎routine of the ‎universe, while the creature is struggling ‎to keep on moving. ‎
Secondly, the meta-layer: the whole ‎performance is actually the making of a ‎video in real-‎time. I, as the director, ‎intervene with the performance from time ‎to time, confusing the ‎audience, re-staging ‎the performers, moving them around, and ‎making the same scene over ‎and over again, ‎so that I will eventually have enough footage ‎to work with.‎

Photographer: Paul Chapellier

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